BG Logix
20+ years of IT and Security experience

Hi! I'm Brent Glaser, owner of BG Logix. Since the late 80's, I was always fascinated with technology. I had built my own radios, operated and designed small circuit boards, and fixed stereos and televisions as a hobby growing up.

Whether it was building the old homemade radio, or programming a game (in Basic) on my first computer, a Commodore Vic-20, anything with electronics was very interesting to me. Throughout the years, I worked up to be the general manager at a  local electrical wholesalers (Westburne and Nedco) supplying various electrical and electronics throughout my 20's.  When an opportunity came to me to get into security inducstry, I worked with ADT and local companies in Grande Prairie as a sales agent and during this time took installation training for DSC, and Kantech Access Control systems.

In 2001, after online training and hands on experience, I decided to venture out on my own. With a new website and IT company, the primary focus was on sales and service of computers, build surveillance dvr's, as well as work on website design and hosting. Between 2000 and 2010, I worked as an independent PC designer, building office computers and video DVR's for the analog camera security industry, I sub contracted my work to several security companies over the years, and learned the skills hands-on of alarms, access control, and camera systems.

In 2006 I ventured into helping design and build a local wireless internet company (WISP). During this time I became skilled over 5 years on implementing, designing, and securing a robust high speed wireless infrastructure, and at the time my departure and selling my shares in 2011 , had successfully built and administered a custom designed wireless network of over 200 businesses and residences, and built a secure online system for our website, email and payment portals.

BG Logix continues my ongoing expertise as a consultant in the fields of HD Surveillance, Computer, Networking, and Security. We constantly evolve, focusing more on the technologies of HD Video Managment and IP cameras, automated security alarm systems, and advanced wireless networking, while growing our long term client base for ongoing IT computer network support.

We currently have several fantastic business and residential clients that I am excited to be associated with.  I look forward to growing with each and every one, while offering a technical knowledge and expertise that is unique in the IT industry. 

When you choose to partner with us, you will always be dealing with a local techician who will work hard to help with your success.

Give me a call any time, I am happy to hear from you!