A Local High School required a replacement for their aging analog camera system.

BG Logix installed 21 network HD Cameras from Vivotek to cover the entire school , both inside and out.

The network infrustructure was designed with Gigabit network PoE+ Routers and Switches.

The VMS Platform uses the mature VMS software provided by Video Insight, a premier video management system, scaleable to 128 cameras and was set up to be able to be monitored by staff at the school from mobile devices. The security was increased several fold because of the high resolution the new cameras provided.

This system is monitored and recorded 24/7/365 and backup power is available during power outages for an extra layer of security.

Video Insight has expandable software to be able to integrate alarm, and access control, and has built in map software to be able to provide a staff member real time locating any incident in the building.