A lumber processing plant required a video security system for their yard.

BG Logix designed and installed a long range wireless vms system. Consisting of 5 wireless bridge units, we were able to successfully transmit an encrypted HD video stream to a Video Management System within the main processing plant. The cameras are outdoor 5 Megapixel, and have built in auto focus and zoom capabilities. The cameras are from Vivotek and are completely sealed units, allowing no dirt or dust to accumulate within the housing of the camera.

The VMS server is designed and built by BG Logix, and runs on a combination of SSD and SATA hard drives for optimal performance.

Wireless infrastructure is designed with WIFI MIMO radios that are Nema 4x and are built in a rugged enclosure, running dual frequencies, twin channels, to enhance the coverage area while minimizing interference.

This system has been running successfully 24/7 since 2012 and is the second Video Management System we have installed and maintained for the past 10 years.

All equipment is managed and updated on a regular basis.